Customer Reviews

“My husband brought home a little white box the other day. Inside, three decent-sized cupcakes sat looking up at me. Meh, I’ve seen cupcakes before. What else ya got, white box?! Not that I wasn’t excited. I love me some cupcakes. I just thought, “See ya after dinner. Into the fridge you go.”

Little did I know how amazing those little cupcakes would be. Chocolate peanut butter, with moist, dark cake that actually tasted like that deep, layered chocolate flavor, not just sugar. Topped with the silkiest friggin’ frosting.

I love peanut butter but it’s really not thought of as “silky” but, oh, this frosting was…and then some. Then there was coconut something-or-other. I don’t remember it’s exact name, because by that point I wasn’t thinking straight. Really, I was delirious. The buttercream had the perfect consistency and was so…buttery? Go figure. However, we all know it doesn’t usually work out that way. Plus there were crunchy little coconut pieces on top and crunchy little pecan (or maybe walnut) pieces inside the cake. OMG. Finally, lemon chiffon. Whoa. A dollop of lemon curd in the center. Crisp, citrus flavor. Melty, perfect-degree-of-sweet frosting.

I had a really hard time sharing with my 4 year old. A really, really hard time. I almost ate the last one when she wasn’t home. I thought about blaming it on daddy. These cupcakes make me crazy. Soooooooo good. And I know there are a lot of great bakeries in Austin. Michelle’s is just thiiiiiis much better, and it’s that tiny bit that REALLY makes a difference. I see many a little white box in my future.”

- Tonia J.

“I’m so happy to see that Michelle now has a storefront closer to Austin! Michelle did the bride and groom’s cakes for my daughter’s wedding in June of 2007. We STILL talk about how great the cakes tasted, as did our guests during and after the reception.

We chose a white cake with strawberries for the bride’s cake – it was moist, delicious, and decorated, delivered, and setup in our venue (Vintage Villas) perfectly. Our Groom’s cake was tres-leches with a special logo that Michelle suggested as the ‘theme”. The logo was perfect – the color was a perfect match. The cake was moist and really delicious.

Michelle met with us at the tasting- we had vague ideas of what my daughter wanted to go along with a family heirloom cake topper- She had great suggestions, took lots of time with us, etc….Our cake experience was flawless.

Now that I know she’s closer in than before, I believe I’ll order a mini version of the wedding cake for their anniversary.”

- D.B.

“Michelle did a beautiful brides cake for my daughter, and the cutest armadillo cake for her husband! Not only did the cakes look fantastic, but we didn’t have a crumb left over as the guests kept making their way back to the table to get another nibble.

The wedding cake was strawberry cream and it was super fantastic. Although Michelle offered to make the armadillo out of red velvet cake, we decided it would be less gruesome to cut into a chocolate delicacy! It could not have been better.

I found Michelle charming and easy to work with. The bride and groom live in Great Britain, and Michelle was willing to work through emails and a mother-of-the-bride who would have liked to come in every week for another tasting!

I would recommend Michelle for any special occasion when you want to serve the very best to your family and guests.”

- Karol M.

“My wedding is this weekend and I couldn’t wait to write a review of how pleased I am with the service I have received for my wedding cake.

I have changed my mind 100 times on what I want and Michelle has never complained and is always optimistic about it. I did one cake tasting at another bakery before going to Michelle’s and I was only offered 2 flavors to try prior to ordering my cake. I never intended to choose either flavor, so how could I order a cake before trying it?? But with Michelle, you get to pick multiple flavors and you can try them all. You can have each layer with a different flavor and they are all amazing, so I didn’t have to just pick one. Just the description of the cake flavors make your mouth water, and they taste as amazing as they sound. I’m looking forward to having my cake and eating it too!! Thank you Michelle!”

– Courtney B.

“My friend recently had her 30th birthday party and enlisted Michelle’s Patisserie to make the cake for the big day. It was a 2 layered, gorgeous creation: chocolate on the bottom and tiramisu on the top.

Both cake flavors were moist and delicious, but I do have to say that the tiramisu was my favorite of the two. I love Michelle’s cakes and hope to have another special occasion so I can order one of her cakes!”

– Tee D.

“Michelle’s did a phenomenal job on my wedding cake!! It was absolutely gorgeous and better than I ever imagined.

For the groom’s cake, we wanted something that incorporated music, since my husband is a jazz trumpet player. We gave them a few of our ideas and they had a ton of their own. His cake was a huge hit at our wedding! It was amazing! It had a life-size 3D trumpet on it and tons of fun colors in the background (not to mention it tasted great!).

We also ordered cookies for our out-of-town guests to receive when they arrived at their hotel room. These turned out super cute! She made them into little wedding-item shapes, like rings, flowers, shoes, etc!

I was definitely pleased with Michelle’s and recommend them to any bride!”

- Tori M.